Saturday, June 16, 2007

Braided Rag Rug

I've been working on a bunch of different projects the last week or 2 (or 8) but don't seem to be finishing much. Or posting pics of WIPs. Or updating... sigh.

Well, if anyone is left (hi!) this is the latest in the recent bout of "I think i'm turning Amish*" crafting that has taken over my life:
Braided Rug
Materials: 3 old sweatshirts and 1 pair of (really) old sweatpants
Pattern: Wing It, by me. (i.e. No pattern) 4 strand braid, laced in an oval.
Dimensions: 23" x 30"

I've had the idea in my head for quite a while but finally tried it a few weeks ago. I really enjoyed this project. The sweatshirts/pant strips seemed to naturally fold inside out for most of the way, as I was folding as I braided.

*I mean no disrespect to the Amish people, nor do I assume I know anything about them. I'm using the term as a generalization and in an attempt to be funny.

I've been fairly preoccupied and stressed lately. You see, a month or so ago (around Mother's Day) my mom found out that she has lesions (?? terminology and I are not close friends) on her lungs. My mom is a breast cancer survivor. She went through surgery and treatment about 13 years ago. We always knew there was a possibility that more cancer could turn up, but after 13 years you kind of figure it's not going to. She will have a surgical biopsy this coming Monday (the 18th) when they will try to remove one of the tumors (again with the terminology). We are hoping this will ease her breathing.

If you, dear reader, are so inclined, please consider praying for my Mom and the surgeons and all of us that day and the coming weeks. I plan to go to help her out when she gets home from the hospital, so I will be there from about Wednesday through the weekend. I plan to bring knitting to help with the restless nervous energy. So I'll be back with (hopefully) an FO and maybe some WIPs and an update at that time.

Thank you in advance.


  1. Love you rug. Can you post a tutorial for it?

  2. Definitely thinking of you, sending all the best wishes I possibly can, and hoping everything goes well.

  3. How's your mom Lori? I've been thinking of you both.

  4. This is beautiful, a tut would be wonderful

  5. Thinking of you and your mom and hoping for good news.

    The rug is great; I can't believe you just winged that.


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