Saturday, May 05, 2007

T-Shirt Rug

A couple of years ago, I started collecting t-shirts to cut up to make a rug. I bought a bunch of men's XL t-shirts at Value Village and dyed them. Then I folded them and put them in the corner.

Then, suddenly, a couple of weeks ago, I had the urge to do something with them.

Rug squares

I cut each shirt into a continuous strip approximately 3/4" wide. Then, I gave the strip a tug as I was rolling up my new "yarn". With squares borrowed from a simple dishcloth pattern, I knit up the t-shirts. After I had my squares knit up, I arranged them and then laced them together, like a shoe.


It's not nearly as wide or as long as I had intended, I just had gotten too anxious for it to be done. I plan to add to it as I have more t-shirts to contribute.

As you can see, it is in my "usual" color palette. I don't even consciously pick those colors, they just happen. Even the flecks in the linoleum in my (rented apartment) kitchen are the same green and blue.

I have many things to catch up on here. WIPs I intended to post that are now (almost) FOs. WIPs I have (semi) abandoned. Yarns I've spun. I think I need to work on posting more regularly but shorter posts. I tend to be too wordy (I heard that sarcastic gasp) so I will try brevity for once. (resisting the urge to continue on about it)


  1. Those t-shirt squares are awesome! Was it hard to knit with the cotton? Did you use super-large needles? Your color scheme is so restful and calming. Thanks for sharing.
    Blogless Mary Lou

  2. That is just completely fabulous, I love it.

  3. what a fun project! and it turned out really nicely... I think it made a huge differnce you dyed the shirts first...


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