Friday, May 11, 2007

so distracted

It will probably come as no surprise to anyone who has followed my knitting here that I tend to get easily distracted by new projects. I usually have at least 3 projects on the go at all times. Not counting a sock.

Lately, I've been fading on my knitting. I'm still knitting, don't get me wrong. It just isn't holding my interest as well as it usually does. Ever since I made the recycled sweater bag, I've been thinking about sewing. Specifically, I've been distracted by this:


(just a sneak peak for now. I'll show you when I'm done...)

And this:
A small bag to carry toiletries in my recycled sweater overnight bag. I thought of it during the day yesterday, started it last night and just finished it this afternoon. I even lined it (an accomplishment for instant-gratification-me):


And, the most self-control-testing destraction:
Yesterday afternoon the wife of one of my coworkers came in with some alpaca fiber they had processed. I got a pound (!!) of this soft, beautiful fiber. The self-control came in to play in that I got the fiber at 3:00pm. All this fiber sat on my desk for 2 hours while I tried to concentrate on my work!

Of course I spun some, why would you even ask! This is 50g/1.75oz, approx. 80 yards, close to a worsted weight 2 ply. I think this is the most even yarn I've produced so far.

I'll have plenty more to show off in the coming weeks. I plan to do a lace weight next, and I'm dyeing some to see how much it takes dye. There are lighter spots along the length of roving; the mill combined the fiber from all 6 animals. The alpacas on their farm range from white to dark auburn-y brown.

The owners of these animals will be selling the fiber online soon. I'll post the link when it's set up.

I'll get some pics of WIPs together to show you that I HAVE been knitting. I just haven't been finishing... sigh.


  1. Why do all of my neighbors have to be either screaming mothers to their 10 kids or old folks? Why can't I have any connections to alpaca???? Damn, I'm jealous!

    The sewing is adorable. Great colors!

  2. It feels like I just looked into my window... Someone else who is distracted by all the knitting, spinning and sewing they want to do? And your alpaca is to drool for.

    Everything looks awesome, btw. I love those bags! And just now while looking at your canvas bag post, I thought "I should make a BAG out of those holey jeans I've been saving for the last 10 years. And also the picnic blanket that I originally planned to make with them." I love bags so much.

    I just bought me some t-shirts to dye and cut this very morning. Now I've got to go pick out some dye and get busy!



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