Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Nature! Decay! Knitting!

While watching the Oilers game last night, I noticed something zipping past my apartment. At one point in the game, there was a long pause as the officials "went upstairs" to check the replays on a goal/no goal situation. I looked out the window and saw:

These rabbits are all over the place in Calgary. I don't know if they come in from the fields and decide they like it in town or what.

As I was watching the rabbit another one came along:

Then another one:

This one sat and glared at me for a long time:

He seemed really angry. I don't know if he was cheering for Detroit and was angry about the goal or what his deal was.

Then I saw another one! 4! Usually there's just one hopping around, looking for food, or whatever. These rabbits were organized. They were like street rabbits. A gang, if you will.

This morning, while calmly eating my Brown Sugar Frosted Mini Wheats, I noticed they seemed crunchier than usual. Then I realized that it wasn't the Mini Wheats that were crunching. It was part of my tooth.

(you can thank me now for not posting pictures of said tooth/part of tooth)

So, a big part of my day was taken up with:
a) trying to find a dentist who could see me today
b) driving to work, back from work to go to the dentist, back to work, back home from work. (The dentist was 2 blocks from my house. Work is 17km from my house. You do the math)
c) telling people that no, I didn't get in a fight.

Good times.


I've been knitting a lot (GASP) but not really finishing anything (DOUBLE GASP!)


A tank top from the Coton-Silk I got from The Yarn Lady. I added a lace column to the center front and back of this from Berroco.

I did some stash cleaning on the weekend and came across this Millefili Fine that I got from Elann last year. I'm using this pattern from Drops/Garnstudio.

Lace cardigan front from Lana Grossa. I'm using cotton yarn recycled from a thrift store sweater. I'm hoping this will be a good solution for the hot/cold/hot/cold of summer in an overly air conditioned office...

I need to go take advantage of the evening with no hockey knit. I will get going again on the lace panel ribby cardi as soon as the needles I need for it are free (lace cardigan drew me in and took up the needles I needed).


  1. Rabbits aren't native to North America are they? Did the British Cultural Missionaries bring them over like they did to Australia, to make the place feel more like God's Own Country!
    Lovely knitting. You are so creative. If I mess around with a pattern then I end up with a mess.
    Cheers Gillian

  2. Hi from Austria! I do hope the Oilers won the game that you were watching?! Go Oilers!
    Gosh, what a heap of bunnies - the one on the fourth pic sure looks pretty angry! They're probably coming to the city out of hunger, what do you think?
    I love your knitting, most especially the lace cardigan, the pattern is so beautiful - sure looks pretty complicated though, is it? Happy knitting!

  3. I like the commentary on the rabbits! Best of luck at your dentist :o(

    wonderful knitting -- now where did my project walk off to again? ;o)


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