Sunday, May 07, 2006


In order to retain our PG rating, today's post has been screened by censors

I love the look of the Coton-Silk when it's knit up. It's a bit of a pain to work with though, it has no give, it's a bit nubby so it's not smooth to knit with. And then there was this:

What's that? You don't see the problem?

This [bleep]ing tank top doesn't have the shoulder straps on it yet. This:

is all that is left of the [bleep] Coton-Silk. [bleep]. [bleep bleep bleep].

I have a plan for the shoulder straps. They are bands of ribbing, knit separately and attached to the body. I'll let you know if it works. If I ever decide to pick up this [bleep] tank top again.

Oh, wait, I'm not done telling you about this [bleep] tank top:
I swatched for this. Yes, I did. I figured that I would need to make the size medium which should have given me a fitted, but not tight tank top. Similar in dimensions to the Soleil I knit.

[bleep]. I could have knit at least a size smaller. Then, I would have yarn for the straps. [bleep]. I still haven't completely ruled out frogging the whole [bleep] thing. The only thing that stopped me from just ripping away, yesterday when I realized how wide this is, was the thought of having to re-knit it (as I mentioned: not super-fun to knit with). [bleep]

As it is right now, it's not unwearably large (is unwearably a word? it is now.), but i think it will have a tendency to balloon a bit. [bleep].

In other news:

I started the body of the Ribby Cardi. The more I looked at this sad bit of lace insertion, the less I liked it. It has since been frogged. I think I will knit it plain. I liked the idea of splitting the lace panel but the more I think about it, the more I like the idea of plain body with the lace panel on the sleeve. I'm not as prone to the censors on this knitting, as it's much easier to knit and, as I mentioned before, I could probably knit a Ribby Cardi in my sleep.

There was another frogging incident today, but, it was ugly and we won't offend with pictures (the ribbed tank top didn't make it. It's on its way to a better place)

I'll end with some happy news:

The first front of the lace cardigan is done. It went pretty quickly, once the chart was in my brain, so I should be knitting the rest of the pieces before my brain forgets. (I'm not at the moment, but I should be).

I should go, before I have to wash my mouth out with soap.
(I still can't use Ivory soap because the smell of it reminds me of having my mouth washed out with soap. That sounds horrible, but it was really just a little touch to the tongue with the edge of the bar of soap. It was effective, but it left me with a hatred for Ivory soap.)


  1. Wow ... you've been so productive! I am thinking of making Soleil using Cotton-Ease ... have to do some calculating!

  2. In that lovely new book, Mason-Dixon Knitting, pages 48-51, they show some lovely knitted linen nighties with colour-matched satin bra straps. Sounds iffy but looks great.
    I'll post a pic on my next entry.
    Do not frog yet. I'm sure there'll be more ideas.
    Cheers Gillian

  3. That knubby stuff is a bit difficult sometimes but i think you will feel much better if you just unravel the whole (bleep)ing thing, start again with so much more insight than you had before you started, and make it so that it fits properly and you have enough left for the straps. just a little pearl of "wisdom" from someone who has said many (bleep)ing words over many (bleep)ing projects.

  4. Like always, you're a knitting wonder. Sorry for the frogging!!


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