Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I may be in a bit of a rut here...

clockwise, starting at top right: 3/4 completed Mesilla (in Filatura di Crosa Mille Fili Fine from stash); lace border for potential stole knit in crochet cotton (pattern evolving as I go); 2 1/2 inches of body of the Ribby Cardi in TLC CottonPlus; 3 inches of a cabled tank from last summer's Vogue Knitting - in the yarn called for in the pattern! A first for me! (Butterfly Super 10)

I haven't posted in a long while. Why?
I haven't finished anything in a long while. Nuff said.

Above there are the current UFOs*. Notice anything?**


The UFOs are on hold at the moment because I picked this up at Michaels yesterday:

Now, surely you must realize this is NOT FOR ME. I was looking around in the "yarn" (i.e. fug novelty yarn) aisle hoping I wouldn't run into anyone who knows me, who may realize that I'm a knitter who DOES. NOT. KNIT. NOVELTY. YARNS. My niece's birthday was last week. It took me a while to figure out what to give/make her, and when I did, it required (ugh) furry yarn. AS. AN. ACCENT. ONLY!!!


Progress shot:

What do you make for the girliest of girly girls who already has all the Barbies/Brats/Polly Pockets the house could possibly hold? A girly-girl purse, of course. In light purple (the ball band calls it "Star Dust". I'm not kidding) and creme polka dots with a (ugh) furry band around the top. (Basically, I'm making it up as I go)

Please don't take my yarn and needles away from me. I PROMISE this is the last time I will (voluntarily) use novelty yarn.

I just realized I missed my Blogiversary (??) on May 5. I've been boring people to tears doing this for a year now! Thanks for sticking around! I've "met" some really nice people (you!) in the past year through doing this and I have really enjoyed sharing what I'm doing and what you're doing through this medium. Thanks!

I'll be back (soon) with more pics. Of a finished furry purse for a girly-girl! Yippee!! (I'm trying to psych myself up.)(If I didn't know that this is so her I wouldn't be able to bring myself to go ahead with it)

*These are, of course, not ALL of the UFOs. These are the ones I've been actively working on in the past week. There are far more UFOs. But you know that already.

**I realize I'm stuck in a color rut here. I realize I should try other colors. (of course my mind immediately thinks of the beige lace cardigan and the wheat colored tank top. I know those aren't "colors") The thing is, I LIKE blue, so I'm okay with the rut. It's comfortable here. ha


  1. ohhhh, I bet she'll love it. I was never one of those girly girls, but I know loads of them...
    I'm in a chocolate brown rut. But like you, I don't mind. I've always liked the colour, it looks good on me etc. I love it when a colour I like is in style. In the last few months I've bought shorts, t-shirt, hoodie, (yarn, of course) and a lovely lacy tank in my favourite brown. Most excellent!

  2. Hi from Austria! First of all: Happy Blogiversary! Now, don't you ever feel bad for using novelty yarn, how could a girl resist such beauty, especially in these great colors?! And I just know that your niece is going to adore that girlie-girl purse you're doing for her, it already looks amazing - looking forward to seeing it when it's completed!
    By the way: I'm here with you with the blues - I don't particularly like having the blues, but I sure love knitting with it - lovely shades of it in your UFO's!

  3. Happy blogiversary. I missed mine last month too. Oops. I just love all the blues! I'm in a pink and red rut.


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