Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I'm still here

I haven't gone anywhere... I'm just still working 10 hour days and almost every Saturday. I'm exhausted, but the overtime is REALLY nice!!! (cha)(ching)

So, I have a couple of pics of birthday gifts I received, which I haven't been able to take the time to pull off the camera. I have knitting to take pictures of, but I can't post those yet because they are (shhh... it's a secret) presents for friends. So, the blog hasn't had much excitement of late. Sorry.

There is snow on the ground, so the drive home today should be fun. I may have some ranting "stupid driver" stories to share...

I completed one (shhh....) christmas present which is evidence that my brain has not been functioning lately. I seem to have knit the entire project using the WRONG SIZE on the pattern. It's really small. The intended recipient is by no means large, but it would be VERY fitted and I'm sure that's not what she would want. So... a frogging we shall go.

Another (shh....) christmas present is progressing well, but it's at that point where I have to bribe myself to get through a row. Not good.

I think I'll do a small project to get my head back in the Christmas present knitting game... toques. mittens. Something smallish. I think I'll have people to give those away to so it will be like I'm working on Christmas stuff, right??

Oh how we rationalize when we have long rows to knit.

Anyway, if you're still out there, thanks for comin' by. I promise I'll try to be more interesting soon...

One final thing. My aunt (well, she's not technically my aunt. She's my mom's cousin/best friend from when they were kids/good friend. it's just easier to call her my aunt) said that she couldn't picture what my apartment looked like (after reading what I wrote about idiosyncrasies) so... (feel free to avert your eyes)

I give you: one corner of my living room:

It's sort of like an I Spy book. See what you can find!!


  1. Ahhhh - I love it when other people's living rooms look like that too. Although I do put my knitting away religiously - with a 19 month-old around it's essential! But books - they're everywhere!

  2. Wonderful! I don't feel all that guilty anymore for the way our place looks. I also have to put my knitting away to keep it away from two playful cats, but otherwise we live in an I Spy world, too. It's good to see you back. Don't work too hard!


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