Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The big 3-5 and yarn

So, I turn 35 this week. Yes. 35. It feels like every other day/year, but when you say it out loud or write it out it seems like it should hold some significance. I am not overly bothered about turning 35, but there are definately areas of my life that aren't all that I thought they would be at this point (job, social life etc). Mostly, it's not that big a deal for me. Mostly.

To that end, I have been thinking. About a year ago, this girl I know was telling me that she and her group of friends used to always make lists for each other of "New Things" that they had to do over the course of the coming year. I have a tendency to stay in my hermit cave and not get out and do anything. So, I am asking you, my blog-reading friends, for suggestions.** New things. Things that will stretch me. Things I might never have thought of.

**keep in mind this is a family show. I reserve the right to pick and choose.

Nextly, (is that a word?) I have knitting pics.

First: the only WIP that I can show you and TELL you what it is. A v-neck for me. Out of recycled yarn (was a turtleneck I never wore b/c i can't deal with turtlenecks).

The measuring tape is there to show that I am being careful this time about the length of the sweater. I kept measuring, then knitting 5 rounds, then measuring again. It was ALWAYS the same length. Then, suddenly, it jumped 3 inches and I was good.

we won't mention the slightly panic-y feeling that I have that I might not have enough yarn. we won't mention the number of times during this quick knit that I have reassured myself that I HAVE enough yarn and it was a sweater that fit me before and it had a turtleneck then and it was at a smaller gauge...

Second: You may want to sit down for this one. In the MIDDLE of a really long row on *cough*Cobi's secret Christmas present sweater*cough* I BROKE MY DENISE CORD!!!!

Much cussing and panic as I tried to keep stitches from falling off. grr.

(and I wish I knew how to track traffic to my blog for this one. the word must be used, it's appropriate and it's common usage among knit-bloggers. I just wonder how many people end up at your blog by accident when you use it.)

Third: Yarn Porn

I'm not going to tell you what these items are, the people who may or may not receive them for Christmas may or may not read the blog. I just wanted to show you. Pretty, but gratuitous shots of knitting and yarn.


  1. Happy belated birthday! Mine was last week too.

    Now, that is some lovely yarn porn! what is that lovely variegated one?

    Take care~

  2. Happy belated to you too Lolly (i'll come on over and visit your blog in a minute).

    The variegated yarn is called "Marble" by James C. Brett. I had never seen it before. It is SO soft, I walked around the LYS just cuddling it. And, it's ACRYLIC!!!! It doesn't look or feel like acrylic, but then I'm used to the walmart/zellers crappy acrylics...

  3. For tracking hits, try StatCounter?
    FWIW, I found your link wandering through someone else's blog (which was listed as a visitor on my StatCounter account). NAYY, but hth!

  4. Try www.sitemeter.com or extremetracking.

    I was just hitting the next blog button at the top.


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