Sunday, August 24, 2008

Day 16: The End

I would love to tell you that I finished my blanket and completed my event for the Ravelympics...
August 25
but that would be a lie. Sure, I could probably get away with it, but eventually someone would find out and there would be media scrutiny and scandal, and frankly, I just can't deal with all that attention.


I completed 3 rounds, but being sick just knocked me off my game. When I was awake I was too tired to knit most of the time. Plus it was boring to knit all that garter stitch. And I had this to distract me in my brief periods of alertness:

Spunky Eclectic July 2008: "Eclipse" 100% Romney, 4 oz, 2 ply, approximately 252 yd/ 230 meters. The colors aren't exactly "me" but I quite like how it turned out.

I also received the Autumn Sock sampler from Knit Picks (that makes it sound like it was a gift or something. I ordered it and it finally arrived, no thanks to Canada Post and their "we MIGHT tell you you have a parcel or we might not" policy) and started a sock for my friend who has a birthday in September (I know! I'm starting this really early!!).


It's going really fast. I started the toe and the foot of a different pattern last night, changed my mind this morning and charted and started knitting this Moss Diamond pattern. I'm at the heel already. Why don't my plain knit socks go this quickly? Maybe it's this yarn: 75% Superwash Merino, 25% Nylon. So soft. I'm so happy that I have enough to make 6 pairs in total... I'm predicting at least 4 of them will be for me... I might gift another pair. We'll see how stingy I feel.

Now it's time for another nap, so ... Happy end of the Olympics everyone.


  1. the blanket looks great.

    i have been tempted by the newest sock samplers in the kp catalog--the new kettle dyes. i have to keep telling myself i already have enough sock yarn. :-)

  2. your blanket is beautiful, i would like to know, what kind of pattern did you use to make the squares? it looks rather simple and i have a lot of random yarn that really isn't enough to make just one thing and your blanket looks like it would make a great christmas gift, and if i can make a gift with stuff i already have, my hubby would be ecstatic!

  3. That blanket is so, so gorgeous!

  4. You finished in time for the Paralympics, though...!


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