Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I keep forgetting I have a new camera and consequently keep forgetting to post finished projects. D'oh. So, without further ado...

Oh, and, anyone visiting from a place where "pants" means something other than "trousers"... I'm referring to "trousers" here. Adjust your vocabulary accordingly for the duration. :)

PANTS!!! (the all-caps & triple exclamation mark is indicative of my excitement and disbelief over being able to make PANTS!!!)

First up:
I decided to be smart (*cough*for once*cough*) and made a muslin of the pattern before I cut into my "good" fabric. I had just enough of a light weight denim from a thrifted duvet cover to make a pair of pants from the Sew U book.

Pants from Sew U

(I'm sure my neighbors wondered what I was doing standing in the shrub outside my apartment)

The original pattern had a quite wide flare at the bottom. I ended up taking them in 3 inches at the hem and angled up the leg. (my terminology here is noticeably lacking. What's the word for when you work the alteration into the original pattern line? brain empty)

Pants from Sew U

I made the large size which fits me pretty much perfectly. The original pattern is a bit long from the waist to crotch but other than that they fit exactly how I wanted. I've worn these a few times and they haven't fallen apart nor have I felt like I was wearing "homemade" pants. (as opposed to "handmade" pants.)

On to the "good" fabric:

Pants from Sew U
sorry for the wrinkly photo. I mean photo of wrinkly pants. This was after wearing them all day

Changes I made from my muslin:
-made the pants capri length because I stupidly cut the fronts a full inch shorter than the backs as a design choice. I gave them 2 1/2 inch cuffs which are tacked down at the seams.
-shortened the waist to crotch length by 1 inch
-changed the patch pockets to (again what's the word...?) inside pockets. These were an experiment as I didn't have a pattern for them. I'm happy with them but they aren't ideal. Lessons learned for next time

Front pocket - Pants from Sew U

Overall I'm so excited about having made both of these pairs of PANTS!!! and I definitely will be making more. I really like this pattern but I'd be interested in any pattern suggestions if you have them.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Finally a success!

My camera died a few weeks ago which is my latest excuse for the lapse in blogging... Finally got a new camera so I'll try get caught up and post stuff I've been making in the camera blackout.

I've been experimenting with making t-shirts ever since I got my new baby (serger) with varying success. They've technically been shirts and have fit mostly but nothing that I really wanted to wear. This past weekend I decided to try a different pattern. I picked up New Look 6807 and, with the help of a really rainy Saturday, I finally ended up with a shirt I wanted to wear.

Having not had great success to date I made a muslin using jersey from a t-shirt sheet. The pattern was easy to follow and I loved how it turned out.


(about an hour after taking this picture I ended up splashing cooking oil (cold) on the shirt! d'oh. I need to try to get it out with dish soap or something)

The pattern has a split & tie at the top of the back but I didn't want that so I cut the back on the fold (removing 5/8" from the pattern piece for the seam allowance). I loved how it fit and decided to try with my "real" fabric.


(more about the pants later)(I made PANTS!!!)(need to get better pictures of the PANTS!!!)(I think of them in all caps with 3 exclamation marks because I can't believe I made PANTS!!! that I can wear. You understand)

Overall I love this shirt. My only quibble is that the neck is pretty wide and the tops of the sleeves slide down on my shoulders a bit. I think for my next attempt I'll gather the entire top of the back instead of just the 2 small spots where the pattern outlined.