Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Superhero strength

I bought and started the EA Sports Active for Wii about 14 days ago (actually, exactly 14 days ago). I meant to post about it when I started it but I was scared I would wuss out and quit right away and that would have been embarassing. Also, it made me nearly weep the first day and that too was embarassing. Now it's just funny.

I've never really done any strength training or consistent exercise (other than the year where I was pretty faithful with my stationary cycle) so I wasn't sure how I would do with this. I'm doing the 30 day challenge (today was day 14) and I can't believe I haven't quit. I'm doing the easy setting, so really, that would have been embarassing if I had quit. But even on the easy setting, my legs were cramping and I yelled at the TV when it made me do another set of "inline skating" towards the end of workout #1.

I'm pleased (and slightly ridiculously proud) to report that I'm actually looking forward to the workouts now and I feel stronger in my legs and arms. I didn't feel like I was going to die from lack of oxygen in the running (in place) portions today and my recovery time afterwards is pretty quick. Who knew that consistent exercise would yield results? huh. Strange.

My goal is mostly to build a habit of exercise with any weight loss and muscle tone being side benefits. (Yeah that totally sounds like a lie. I want to lose weight. I also want to get rid of the flabby jiggly arms I noticed the last time I saw a picture of my back/arms. My friend Sheri calls them the "Double Bye Bye" arms.) Mostly though I'm just pleased that I'm starting to notice the benefits (and that I no longer am in pain when i try to use my thigh muscles for strenuous activities like sitting or standing).

I'm pretty sure everyone who knows me is getting sick of me talking about this. I've turned into some crazy EA Sports Active Evangelist. I think it's mostly just me being amazed that I can do this. Yes, I know, I'm on the Easy level. But this level is a lot harder than the "sitting on my couch with my knitting" level I was on before.


  1. Hey, thanks for posting about this! We actually just went yesterday to buy a Wii for this exact same purpose - I wanted to start exercising because I am jiggly and have no muscles at all. We got the WiiFit game and board, and I'm all set to try it out today. Do you have WiiFit, and if so, is the EA Sports a better workout than it? We were thinking about getting it, but held off since we were already spending a bunch of money. Anyway congrats on your 14-day anniversary! I hope to be right there with you in 2 weeks. :)

  2. Thanks for posting this review. I've been thinking about getting the Wii Fitness Coach, but I hadn't heard about this one yet. Hmmm...now I have a decision to make. :)

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