Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Altered & Dyed

I had this white, long-sleeved, gauzy top hanging in my closet for a couple of years now. It was a gift from a friend but I was always afraid that I would destroy it within minutes of putting it on. White clothing seems to attract any food or drink I may be in the vicinity of.


It was really pretty but, like I said, me+white=not a good idea.

I had seen a few shirt remakes around the blogiverse lately (but I don't remember where) and suddenly had the urge to alter this shirt.

I chopped off the sleeves, hemmed them, removed the ties and dyed it.


I wish I had another one. I love this shirt.

Now I'm looking at my closet and wondering what else I might have that could benefit from a pair of scissors and a little dye...


  1. Wow!! great job!! I hear ya about the fear of white clothing. Love the new color!

  2. That is GORGEOUS! Good call on remaking it! I'm always a little wary of taking scissors to things...

  3. THAT is a beautiful shirt. Well done.


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