Saturday, February 24, 2007

Seven (and a half)

I finished a pair of socks today. I now have made myself enough socks to go a full week. (there have been socks made and given away also)








Then there is this one lonely singleton sock. I'm not sure why I never made the 2nd. I had forgotten about this one until I found it in my sock yarn leftovers basket.

And, my next sock: (my own) handspun.

I think, from this photo line up, we can deduce the following:
1. I like me my socks.
2. I like me the self-patterning sock yarn.
3. with very few exceptions, I stick with a plain ribbed cuff sock.
4. I have more time on my hands (see: the photographing of my socks) than I should.

(is "photographing" a word?)


  1. I really like the pattern for the singleton sock. Can you tell me what pattern you used. I am stuck on socks and would like a nice classic look sock like that as opposed to all the fancy lacy patterns you see. Awesome that you did a weeks worth. That is totally cool.

  2. Oh I love self-patterning socks too. Great collection you have there. I can't wait to knit my first pair of socks in my own hand-spun. I'll be waiting to see yours. :)

  3. Great sock progress; how do we find which yarns you used? Some I have, so I know what they are, but I was envying the blue and green one, my two favorite color combinations. I am off to my knitting day in the park (next to the San Diego Zoo, where we will all be wearing our handknitted socks) and I have to whittle done my projects to about 3 LOL.


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