Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Today is one of those days when I feel slightly smug, sitting in my apartment surrounded by the piles and piles and piles warm wool of my stash. If only I could knit faster.

Currently this is the situation:

(That's -4 F with a wind chill making it feel like -25 F)

Tonight/Tomorrow looks like this:

(-13F with windchill of -34 F for tonight. Whee)

(Note: we in Calgary got off easy as far as this storm is concerned, we just had wind and will have frigid temps for a day or so. Nothing like the piles of snow and white-out conditions in Central/Northern Alberta and Saskatchewan. So glad for that.)

I didn't get my new sweater done in time but I will be able to wear these in the office tomorrow:
Pattern: the ubiquitous Endpaper Mitts by the talented Eunny Jang.
Yarn: My OWN!! (eee) I'm using 2 of my first efforts from my wheel. I'm really happy with how they are turning out. The yarn is squooshy and soft and so far fairly even. I'm getting approximate gauge, but I'm not so concerned about that now.

So, now I must go and knit. And turn up my heat a little bit. And dig out some long underwear for tomorrow. Worse comes to worst? I'll stuff my winter jacket full of skeins of wool to keep warm.


  1. Wow, bundle up! Your yarn looks great!

  2. Very nice. I have been dieing to try those myself but not enough courage yet. Your yarn is lovely too.

  3. How are you feeling? Are you up for knit club next Wednesday?

  4. Those mitts are gorgeous! I love the subtle striping and soft colors. And its your own yarn? Wow.


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