Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Hermit Has Left The Building!

Yes, you heard that right. (or, I suppose "read that right"). I left my house this evening. To go out. To meet with people I don't know. Out of my house. Yes I did.

Heather, from Lectio suggested that I come out to Knit Club this evening and (drum roll please) I WENT!! And met people! And felt really at home and comfortable. I'm really glad I went. I met people (whose names I may or may not remember accurately): Anne, Erin (?) and, um, I wanna say Christine? (I'm so sorry. I really really wanted to remember your names.)

When I walked in, wearing I was immediately recognized because I was wearing my Clapotis and was welcomed to the table. Knitters are so nice in person! Really!

Heather is lovely and fun, and the other girls (whose names I have butchered here, sorry again) were fun and interesting.

And, I may have bought some beautiful fiber from Erin (?) (Okay, I just went to her website and realized that I had the sound of her name right but not the spelling. It's Erynn and you can see the beautiful yarns and fibre she has at her site, Twist of Fate.) (I totally bought some fibre from her. It's beautiful. I'll show you when I have some light.)

I think I'll go back. This venturing-outside-my-home thing was kind of fun. Who knew?

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