Sunday, July 16, 2006

self discipline part 2: Reward

Pattern: Side Tie Vest from Spring/Summer 2006 Vogue Knitting
Yarn: Recycled from one of my Mom's sweaters (she gave it to me so that I could recycle it). I'm not sure what the fibre content is, but I sort of remember seeing was cotton, ramie (?) and some acrylic on the tag.
-I added about 4 inches in length in the body as the pattern called for 11 inches from hem to underarm. (That would put the hem at about my belly button i.e. 3 inches above the waist band on my pants)
-I omitted most of the decreases for the upper portion (the pattern tapers quite a bit to skinny straps) so that the straps were more like a regular tank top.
-The pattern calls for casting on 11teen million stitches and knitting a few rows for the ties, which seemed a bit annoying to me, so I did icord for the ties instead.

While I was seaming this up, I started to think that maybe this was a bit of a miss. I wasn't sure I would like it after all. But, now that it's done, I do like it after all. So: Success.

So, now that I have practiced self discipline in finishing the project I was on, I can get started* on the blue project:

This pic is about the most accurate representation of the color so far. It seems a bit hard to photograph.

*Okay, fine. I cast on last night when I bound off the last piece for the vest but I didn't knit on it until I was done seaming the vest. I may have knit a few rows between seaming and doing the collar on the vest. Fine. I knit a bunch of rows before I did the collar and then a couple more before the icord.


  1. I'm just catching up on my blog reading, hence the lack of comments on my part. I love that wrap vest!! I just bought that vogue and loved it. Your version is great. I also love your cardigan. Yours is soooo much better than the original. You look great in it too. Impressive.

  2. You look very nice in your new vest! Good job!
    Blogless Mary Lou

  3. Awesome job as usual. I am so impressed at how you customized the pattern to suit your taste.
    Can't wait to see the blue project evolve!

  4. Your vest looks so cute, much better than the Vogue version :)

  5. Very nice, as always. Did you add length to the lace part or the stockinette?

  6. Wow, nice job! Love the color of the yarn, and the pattern itself. Cute, but not overpowering lace, just a special touch to it. Fits you perfectly, too! Geez, I can get so excited about some of the knitted stuff I see sometimes;-) Weeeee-heeeee!

  7. Such a lovely wrap vest - so nice! And I love that lacy cardigan you did as well, as someone esle said - so much nicer than the original. I may condsider it myself now after seeing yours!

  8. I really, really love the wrap vest you've been doing, it looks fantastic - great job! I'm looking forward to seeing many more pics of your blue project - happy knitting!

  9. Lovely! You are a champion in my books! Beautiful projects from recycled yarn... priceless! :)

  10. whoa! I like your side tie vest a lot more than the original! I wasn't even considering making it until now. The blue project is great too. You are one productive knitter!


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