Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy 4th of Canada July Day!!

(I forgot to post on Saturday - Canada Day)(Today is the 4th of July)(Maybe I need to have some coffee or something)

Anyone who wishes they had extra days on their long weekend raise your hand! (MEMEMEMEMEME!!!)

I finally finished knitting the lace cardigan. I don't know why exactly it took me so long. The pieces themselves weren't overly challenging and were quick enough to knit. Interesting with the lace, but easily memorized pattern so it didn't require constant attention to a chart. But still. It took longer than it should have.

I gleefully checked the sleeves before blocking:


I kept track of my rows and made notes of shaping etc. I checked the count. I counted rows in the finished pieces. EXACTLY. THE. SAME.

Apparently I may have been a bit tense and/or hurried when knitting the second sleeve (on top in the picture).

No matter. It's cotton. I can soak and stretch and block to be the same size.



Steamblocking with the iron brought the sleeves very close to the right length. I can just barely feel that one is slightly shorter. I seem to be a bit compulsive about my sleeve length. (shocking. I know.)

I am so pleased with the results of this sweater.
Pattern: FREE from Lana Grossa here
Yarn: recycled XXL men's cotton sweater. If you'll allow me this one moment of gloating: $1.50 (yes. for ALL the yarn. AND there's a LOT more)(a lot)

I wore it at work today and it is perfect for my overly-air conditioned office.
(WHY when it is 30 Celsius outside do we have to have it sitting at 12 Celsius inside??? WHY???)

Now to finish one of many other unfinished projects. My co-worker's wife had their baby boy yesterday. Maybe I should suck it up and get going on that blanket. (that unending blanket)(that blanket that sits currently at 380 stitches around but needs to be at least 500)(maybe i'll wait a while)

hmm... what to knit next... ???


  1. I like the melding of the holiday salutations. The sweater is beautiful. It turned out perfectly.

  2. It is extremely lovely! Well done! Did you get the exact same gauge? My gauge would be hopeless for anything less than 20 sts per 4 inches ... so though I love that pattern, I couldn't find anything to knit it.

  3. Lori, that is a most beautiful piece of knitting. I'm speechless because it is so lovely.
    Cheers Gillian

  4. You did a great job on this cardigan. Wow, it looks really beautifull. You must be proud! Greetings from the netherlands.

  5. Swooning over here. That is really really lovely. I'm off to download that pattern.

  6. I love it! And the fact that it's made with recycled yarn makes it ever better. I've never successfully re-claimed yarn from a thrifted sweater before - I'm going to keep trying though.

  7. Great job on the cardi and it looks fabulous on you!
    I've sent it on to a knitting friend and am going to download the pattern myself :)

    Greetings from Maine, USA.


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