Monday, November 05, 2012

No-Guilt Knitting

I don't know if it's a product of my upbringing, or just a weird personality thing, but I feel guilty if I'm not doing something that feels worthwhile during the day on weekends or time off. Like I should be using that time for something IMPORTANT (like what, I have no idea). "Just knitting" doesn't cut it mentally. (Though, oddly, sewing seems to be okay. Brain? weird.) "Just knitting" feels like being lazy. I've been struggling with this a lot while on my forced time off (otherwise known as being unemployed).

I made myself a schedule of sorts, so I could feel like I've accomplished something every day. I spend an hour or two scanning job boards & applying for anything that looks interesting (or, in the absence of "interesting" I apply for anything I'm qualified for). I made a list of chores to do, the things I need to do but keep putting off and try to get at least one of those done a day or work towards one being completed. I do at least 30 - 40 minutes of exercise every day. I make sure the kitchen is tidy & dishes are done. I put away whatever I had out in the living room. I put away my clothes.

After I've done everything I possibly could consider "work" my brain will allow me to knit in peace.

This past weekend I spent about 20 minutes searching for my US7 16" circulars. I knew they were probably involved in some abandoned project, but didn't know where. "Organize WIPs" was on my chores list so I decided to take that task on. I made myself a list as I went and sorted and organized what I had on the needles that I still wanted to finish (in the case of 2 modular blankets "on the needles" isn't accurate but I counted them).

I had 14 projects in active knitting status. FOURTEEN. ONE-FOUR. 14.

(In my defence, at least 3 of those are Christmas presents.)

At this point my brain made a sudden screeching change of direction. It has now allowed me to knit as "work" because completing these projects is important in a cleaning-house sort of way. Also, as several projects are Christmas presents, this is a worthwhile endeavour. Organizing the projects and making a list seemed to kick start a finishing mindset. I already checked 2 items off the list on Saturday and I'm about to bind off a third.

So, I'm working away on WIPs. I'm making every effort to finish what I'm working on before starting something new. The only exceptions to the "no starting anything" rule will be Christmas presents.

No-Guilt Knitting is kind of awesome.


  1. I definitely understand the "guilt" you speak of...similarly, even when I am watching TV, I must be knitting or doing something more "worthwhile". I can't just sit there and watch, feels way too lazy.

  2. So glad i'm not the only one haunted by knitting guilt!

  3. Totally off topic, I don't think I've said that I'm glad you're back! I was getting a little worried about you. :D

  4. We do our most creative work when we are unemployed and are temporary free from the need to work. As well, knitting is officially and scientifically proven to be therapeutic. Therefore, my dear friend, you should feel GREAT knitting. You are productively healing yourself. And if you make some nice new designs and share them with us, you're doing something 'useful' for the world as well. How good is that! Come share your work in our linky parties. We'd love to see it!


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