Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter


I hope you're all having a nice Easter weekend. I had a good weekend in spite of a cold that I thought for sure I had avoided. It was really bad Friday but by Saturday it was just a cough and I was fine for Easter dinner with my brother, his wife & kids and his wife's family. I love those guys (all, the in-law & all) so it was a really nice day for me.

I made the little bunnies above for my nephews & niece. I found the pattern here (The printable pdf is for a pre-printed piece that you can iron onto fabric. I just used it for the pattern outline.) I used some fuzzy fleece from store-bought fleece blankets for the ones at the top.

I first had made two bunnies for my friend's daughters out of quilting cotton. I was going to do this for my nephews & niece but I didn't have any *ehem*manly*ehem* cotton to use for the boys' bunnies, hence the fuzzy fleece.

The bunnies (and the chocolate and other goodies) were a huge hit, and, best of all, were super simple to make. Just a small amount of fabric, some stuffing and about 20 minutes (trace, cut, sew, stuff, stitch up, done).


Thanks for all the comments & great serger advice. I plan to start looking/testing this week and will definitely let you all know what I get and when.

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