Sunday, September 26, 2010

Chevron Cushion

You know how sometimes you get the itch to make something and you keep thinking about it and mentally working on it until you just get it out of your system?

I've been obsessed with the chevron striped pillow that Dana at Made posted. I kept seeing it pop up on all the Craft link sites I follow.

The thing is, bold brightly colored striped home furnishings are really not me. That didn't make any difference, I just kept thinking about it.

I finally just broke down, dug out the striped fabric remnant I had from Ikea and gave it a go.

Chevron cushion

I was playing around with the strips and really liked how it looked with the dark/light bands offset. It's still not very "me" but I really like it.

chevron cushion back

I didn't have enough of the striped fabric to do both sides, so the back is a simple white cotton with overlapping edges (envelope style? brain not working). The cushion is 12"x17" (ish) and I made a little cushion to put inside.

At the moment it's on my couch where it clashes emphatically. But... I'm so glad I gave in and made it!


  1. You are so clever!! It's not my style either but it's beautiful anyway, so bright and cheerful and being Canadian it's the flag colours!!

  2. I can see why you had to make it - it's lovely!


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