Friday, August 06, 2010

Mom's Knitting Bag

This past weekend I needed to find something in my closet where I keep mostly craft stuff (aka "The Closet of Doom" or "Don't open that door!"). I ended up hauling everything out because I couldn't find what I was looking for. This led to me finding stuff I had forgotten about which led to ... let's just say it's like when you click on a link that takes you to another link and that takes you to another link and 4 hours later you can't figure out what you've been doing or how you got there.

Anyway, this impromptu cleaning out session unearthed a pile of t-shirts that were not good enough to give to Salvation Army but not icky enough to throw away (who am I kidding? "throw away?" nothing gets thrown away. Hence the Closet of Doom). I sorted through them pulling out shirts for a blanket project I had started (more on this soon, it's almost done) and set aside a couple to try making cardigans, which is something I've always had in my head to try. (more on this one soon too. Forgot to take pictures).

Anyway (i do this alot. sidetrack myself and then need to bring myself back around)... After all that, I needed a tiny crochet hook for the cardigan making. I knew there had been a set of teeny tiny steel hooks in my Mom's knitting bag so I had to go off on another search through the closet, the bag was in there but it hadn't turned up on the first go around. I eventually found the bag and the second I opened it... I burst into tears.

These are the knitting needles and crochet hooks I learned on. It was like a Mom museum exhibit, complete with the last thing she was knitting before she started deteriorating. I had myself a good cry and decided to document the contents. I want to try to find the pattern she was using for the baby sweater. I'm not sure if I have the yarn she was using (it's probably in the closet of doom) but I'll give it a shot.

knitting needles

Most of the knitting needles are in the old Canadian sizing (British? My stitch dictionary lists the sizes as "Canadian" meh, who knows). The huge needle at the top was for "Condo Knitting" which was apparently the rage at some point in time. (too lazy to google at the moment)

crochet hooks & stitch holders

I learned to crochet with the colorful plastic hooks. The tiny ones were my Granny's I think. The wooden crochet hook was made by my Mom's Dad.

crochet hooks

hand whittled crochet hook

teeny tiny crochet hook

I'm pretty sure this teeny tiny hook would pierce skin. I kind of think I know that from experience...

buttons and...  eyes?

8 red buttons, only 2 of which match. I think the pink buttons were intended for the project she was knitting. I have no explanation for the bag of eyes. I think she was making crocheted "worm" bookmarks or something. Maybe that's it.

baby sweater in progress

Baby sweater WIP. I think this was probably intended for one of my 3 year old nieces when they were babies. It made Mom really sad and frustrated when she couldn't concentrate on knitting or crochet anymore. I would really like to finish this sweater for her if I can find the pattern & yarn.

pattern books & magazines


  1. I'm with you, sister.

    My mom passed away in May. My sisters packed up all her yarns, patterns, hooks, and needles and made me take them.

    Sometimes I crawl into the closet, sit on the floor, and hug the bag of yarn.

  2. I have some patterns that belonged to my Grandmother and Great-Grandmother (who both passed away several years ago), and I now have my Nana's knitting needle set. Using the same tools that they did makes me feel so much closer to all of them! Nana is still alive and kicking, and she was so tickled when I made her a lace bookmark using her needles...she thought they were trash and had been thrown away!

    Your Mom would be proud to know that these items mean so much to you!!!

  3. Your mom raised a fine woman! Thanks for sharing and giving all of us an opportunity to stop in our day and think about the people we love.

  4. I have all my hubby's grandma's needles and crochet hooks. Also a load of patterns just like the baby pattern book in this picture.

    I can quite understand how emotional you must have been and thanks for sharing all this with us. I really hope you can find the pattern and finish the baby set!!

  5. And I thought we were the only ones that called it the 'cupboard of doom.'

    I'm intrigued by the bag of googly eyes. I wonder what your mom was planning with them?

  6. And 4 years later (give or take) it's a wonderful story.


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