Monday, November 09, 2009

How do you solve a problem like...

my Deep V Argyle Vest?


As I was knitting it I kept thinking that I should have done more arm decreases than called for. I didn't. Why? Why didn't I? The vest looks very line-backer-y in the shoulders and gapes at the underarm. Also, I needed to block it more aggressively. I think if the lower body is a bit more roomy it'll sit better at the arms.


Sigh. I haven't had this much disappointment in a project i was really excited about for a long time. I'm steam blocking it to see if it makes any difference. I'm thinking I should undo a few rounds of the arm bands and maybe decrease a bit before binding off.

Any thoughts? Advice? For now this is my feeling about it:


On the plus side I was super happy with the steeking. I was nervous about it but it went really well.


And, after a really deep breath and some hesitation...


No matter how much I know that it's okay cutting my knitting will NEVER feel right...


  1. It's beautiful. I say take down the arm bands a bit and find your decreases there.

  2. I loved seeing these pictures. :) Made me smile.

    I'm thinking that I would probably go back and re-knit the ribbing on the arm holes and do a few K2tog's around the gap before busting out into ribbint to suck it tighter, and then knit the ribbing with smaller needles and hope it will draw it down closer to the body. It's a darling sweater, but I see what you mean. I think it's salvageable, though. :)

    By the way, I am SO impressed about the steeking. Experienced knitter though I am, I have still managed to avoid ever doing it and it scares the living daylights out of me. ;)

  3. Hello, somehow I found my way to your blog, and I just wanted to say I absolutely love your vest!! So nice!! It´s been a while since I spoke or wrote English now, and I´m afraid I forgot a lot of words and spelling......anyhow, it´s fantastic!! =)


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