Thursday, January 01, 2009

Final FOs of 2008

Happy New Year everyone!

I finally got around to taking pictures of the last few FOs of the year. In order of completion they are:

1. Cabled Purse
Cabled purse
Pattern: Cobbled together from several different free patterns online
Yarn: Some chunky grey yarn of uncertain fiber content (mill ends purchased in bulk at Walmart)

cabled purse 2

2. Mom's February Lady Sweater
Mom's sweater
Pattern: February Lady
Yarn: Lion Brand Wool-Ease
Mom loved it! It fits perfectly and she was really happy with it. As was I. I finished it the evening before we drove out to Saskatchewan, cutting it close but it was done!

3. Knitting/Tote Bag for Wen-Shu (My co-worker who just learned to knit)
Wen-Shu's Bag
Wen-Shu's Bag inside
No pattern, figured it out from scratch using a basic square bottomed bag.
Fabric: cottons from stash

4. Raisin yarn (for Wen-Shu to enable encourage her in her knitting)
Raisin 2
Fiber from Spunky Eclectic. I lost the tag (again) and can't remember the breed. Weight is about a worsted and it's around 140 yards.

an aside: You remember when I showed you Wen-Shu's first knitting efforts? She is progressing so fast! I taught her to purl just before Christmas and over the break she figured out ribbing and made her daughter a toque without a pattern! It's like having a kindred spirit in the office and so much fun to see all of her progress. She said she was going to try to figure out colorwork over the weekend too!

Back to the list:

5. Slouchy Devra hat
Devra hat
Pattern: Devra 2 from pieKnits
Yarn: Paton's Shetland Chunky from stash

This was such a quick knit! I cast on in the evening on December 23 and finished in the truck on the way to Saskatchewan for Christmas (having someone else drive on that 5 hour drive=awesome!)

6. Quickie Scarf
Basic 1x1 knit
Yarn: my handspun... the softest squooshiest yarn I've ever produced... :D

And finally (drumroll please...)
7. The Boy's Argyle Toque
Argyle Toque flat
Pattern: I was inspired by Angela Sixian Wu's Mini-Argyle Beret (ravelry link here). I came up with a new chart to fit the sizing I needed.
Yarn: Estelle Cadenza (beige background)
Sandnes Garn Lanett (orange)
Sandnes Garn Sisu (blue)

Argyle Toque both sides

The toque is reversible, and matches a jacket he has (I hope). He had requested a toque to match and I know the orange is perfect. I just hope it's okay. He's away this week, so I'll find out how he likes it next week.

Striped toque flat

I spent today taking pictures and starting to catalogue my yarn stash. I had a whole spreadsheet full and took pictures to go along with it. I just opened the spreadsheet to check on a name for the toque above and the whole thing was gone. GAHHH!!! A whole day's worth of effort gone. Well, I have the pictures but without the info on the yarn I'll have to start from scratch. I was planning to start the (really really really really) long process of putting it all up on Ravelry. sigh.

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  1. Wow! All lovely, but my favourites are the bag and the argyle toque (but I'm a hat and bag kinda person).


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