Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Available in Prescription Strength or Over the Counter

We haven't really had any news about my Mom. She will start radiation treatments on Friday. I'm going to be going to spend the weekend with her, leaving tomorrow morning. Things sort of hit me harder the last day or so and I've been a tad emotional. My poor manager, I burst into tears just trying to tell him I was going to take tomorrow and Friday off. The Boy has been very supportive during all of this, he's a keeper. He cemented that status with the following:

I apologize in advance if the following inflames feelings of jealousy in any of you.

by prescription

He showed up at my office just after lunch with a 1/2 dozen cupcakes from Crave. My female coworkers were smitten by the thoughtfulness, and even more so when I shared a couple of the cupcakes with the group. I, of course, teared up what with being overly emotional and the thoughtfulness and the fact that I had just been wishing I had something chocolate to eat.

A couple of weekends ago, when we were just waiting for news and I was trying not to go crazy, I told the Boy that I wanted a cupcake and decided they should be prescribed for any emotional difficulties. I stand by that assertion after today. Trust me.


  1. Hang in there. I'm thinking of you. I work in radiation therapy. It's scary, but can really help to relieve symptoms. I hope it works for you mom. I'll be praying for her.

  2. I wish you a cupcake whenever you need one!

  3. Good luck to your mom - I hope the treatments go well. How sweet of The Boy to bring you cupcakes!


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