Thursday, November 09, 2006

The post before the UFO post

I had this AWESOME idea for a post while driving to work this morning but now I can't remember it
literally as I was typing that I remembered what I was going to say... lucky you! haha. ehem.

Yesterday morning it was 10C/50F. Then it started to snow. Which, in Calgary, somehow translates into people being shocked at the thought of winter.

I hadn't brought a jacket yesterday, just had sweater/long t-shirt layers. This induced some mocking on the part of my co-workers. "How long have you lived in Calgary?" haha.

Well, when they all went out to clean off their cars NOT ONE of them had mittens or a scarf or a toque.

Me? 2 pairs of mittens, and a scarf and several toques to choose from.

Never mock the knitter in her winter preparedness.

This morning as I was S.L.O.W.L.Y. driving to work I was thinking about how I have all manner of warm woolen things to keep me warm. I'm wearing a sweater I knit, a scarf I knit, socks I knit, and, in the car, mittens I knit. I have fingerless mittens at work because the temperature varies constantly. I'm set.

I could even, in the unlikely event that I don't have any clean handknit items to wear, just stuff my jacket with skeins of wool.

Never mock the knitter, people. Never mock the knitter.


  1. I envy you your snow. I wish for your snow. Wanna trade places? It was over 96F yesterday here (that's something ridiculous in Centigrade) and I hate, hate, hate it! Why yes, I do fantasize about moving someplace where it snows. Even some place where it rains. So enjoy your cold and snow for me, okay?? Please??


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