Sunday, October 15, 2006

Project Acrylic Stash Reduction

Status report:

Afghan count: 1

Due to incompetence complete inability to count circumstances beyond my control I abandoned the crocheted log cabin squares. Don't ask. However, I am happy that this afghan worked out so well. I used up a LOT of the acrylic stash, in colors that I love, and ended up with a large (approx. 66 x 68 inches) afghan. I need to snip some ends and wash it and then put it somewhere where I can't see it because I want to keep it. Sigh.

Toque (knit hat for my non-Canadian friends) count: 9.75 !!

8 of these were knit at various times over the past 2 years. I didn't have any intended recipients at the time and I don't entirely know why I knit them other than just to knit them. Hmm. (the sage green ribbed one in the left corner was knit last week)

I'm almost done this one. I'm using a chart that I made up for the toque I knit in August. (when it was 30C and sunny, which is a perfectly sensible time to knit a wool toque). I'm using acrylic stash, as per my challenge to myself, and I've been pleasantly surprised at how well it's working in the fair isle.

(I was going to wait until it's done to post a pic but with the days getting short I need to take pics when I have light.)

All of this progress (and, you should know, I still (STILL!) have a box full of acrylic) could not be at a better time, since I had an email from Michael's about their Yarn Sale that started today. (no, I didn't go out and buy new yarn today)(which, frankly, is kind of shocking!)

I think I'll get working on some mittens and kid-sized toques with the rest of the acrylic stash. Or, maybe I'll just start working on something for me. Or I'll finish the (slow moving) Cowichan/Siwash style sweater/jacket for my sister-in-law:

if you have ever wondered what a farm with livestock smells like in the spring, and, really, who hasn't wondered that, you should smell this yarn when it is steamed. Mmmm... livestock-y

Or, I'll just keep spinning:

This is approximately 3oz/129 yards of Ingeo that I dyed, spun and navajo plied. I like how this turned out, especially considering that the Ingeo was not meant for spinning. The day after I took the drop spindle class, I was at (big obnoxious soul-sucking store) for something or other and saw the shelves of polyester stuffing. Being the cheapskate Magyver that I am, I wondered if I could spin any of it. At the time, I was looking for some "practice" fiber so that I wouldn't "ruin" the nice Merino I bought. I saw this Ingeo, which I had never heard of and was intrigued. I got 12oz for about $4 and brought it home. It takes dye really well (using my fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants dyeing methods) and spins pretty easily. It's not as smooth as a prepared roving would be, but I'm pretty happy with it. I haven't tried knitting with it yet, but i like the look of the 3 ply in the skein.

3.5 oz/292 yards Merino 2 ply. I love this yarn. I'm hoping that when I get it all spun up (I have another 4 oz or so) I will have enough to make something for me!

Currently on the bobbin: the Ramie that I dyed. I LOVE these colors! This fiber was making me insane last night. It's very wispy and slippery. (I have individual fibers EVERYWHERE. Including in my eyes) I almost gave up on it when I remembered reading something about spinning from the fold for slippery fibers. This was a lifesaver (at least for this fiber). I am spinning it fairly thin and will probably navajo ply it. (When I say I will navajo ply it, I mean I will use my probably incorrect understanding of the method that totally works for me)

I just realized how long this post is. Sorry! Thanks for all the encouragement with the spinning! I need to knit a swatch in the fugly Kool-aid dyed wool to see if it is as fugly shocking knit up!


  1. Awesome afghan! Love the toques! Again you astound me with your talents. :)

  2. I understand why you want to keep the afghan...very pretty! Your fair isle knitting is really beautiful! I always love the light and dark contrasting colors. I need to learn to crochet because it would take forever to knit an afghan that big!

  3. You are totally McGyver of the fiber! And a knitting dervish!

  4. Love the yarn, the afghan's pretty too!

  5. Great afghan. I actually prefer acrylic for afghans. Who wants to handwash a ton of wool!

  6. Oh I want a wheel! Can I exchange my husband and kids for a nice wheel? Please!
    Oh well, I do love those hats!


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