Sunday, August 20, 2006

I'm still here...

Sorry I haven't posted in a while! Thanks for all the nice comments on the Blue Sweater. I keep meaning to write up the modifications I made to the original pattern. I'll do it (eventually).

I have other projects to show you but I'm too lazy to do the pictures today... Sunday... ahh...

In the meantime a couple of quick projects to show you:
My twin nephews turn 1 on the 28th. Little boys need dinosaurs:

Pattern: Dinosaurs by Jennifer Thurston at Xtreme-Knitting (free PDF available at the link)
Yarn: Random worsted weight acrylic odd balls from massive random acrylic stash.


Everyone seems to be having babies! My sister-in-law is due in February, and my sister is expecting and due in November! Also, my good friend from when I worked in Germany, Heidi (who sometimes reads this, so, Heidi if you're reading this, SKIP THIS PART!!!)(Well, unless you already got the package...) just had a little boy! Good news for knitters!

Pattern: Knitty's Trellis
Yarn: TLC Essentials in Country Blue. I decided to go with acrylic so that it can be washed without concern for shrinkage. I've never had a baby, but I can't see a new mom wanting to have to worry about laying a baby sweater out to dry!

I'll post a few other things this week. I need to get back to posting more frequently!

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