Monday, June 05, 2006

My goal: Live until the year 2092

I knew it had been a while since I posted, but I didn’t realize just how long it had been. Hmm… What’s been happening?

Well, I have been knitting a lot (GASP) but, um, I haven’t finished anything. I just keep starting new projects. All the WIPs look pretty much the same as the last time I showed you, just a little bit bigger. The new projects I keep starting never seem to make it very far, as I change my mind and/or get bored and/or decide it just won’t work/isn’t worth it.

So. Knitting right now=not so visually stimulating.

I need to buckle down and just FINISH SOMETHING already!!

(Where did the term “buckle down” come from? Why?)

And now, some random thoughts with a minimum of crafty content in point form:

-Do you ever wish you could write about something/someone on your blog, just to get it out there or to vent, but you don’t JUST in case it would lead to disastrous repercussions (a la Dooce)? (if you’re reading this and you know me and you’re wondering if it’s about you, it isn’t.)

-I spent 10 minutes on the phone with a census taker yesterday because I forgot to fill out and/or send in my census form.

One of the questions was: Are you White? which annoyed me somewhat. I wanted to say “I like to think of it as non-tanned”

(I know that wasn’t what they were asking (the census taker apologized for the crassness of the question).)

-The funniest question on the census form was “Do you give permission for this information to be made public in the year 2092?” I doubt I’ll have much concern about my personal privacy at the age of 122, but, you know, maybe I'll stick around just so I can cause a fuss when my private census information from 2006 is made public. (I should probably start saving for retirement if I'm gonna live that long)(also, I should be just about all the way through my stash by then, so it will be time to go)

-I was sick last weekend and part of the week. I’ve decided that I have a sure-fire way to make a ton of money off of stupid wealthy people. A weight-loss plan that basically just involves getting the flu or similar stomach ailment “cleansing” the body. I just need to figure out how to infect people at will and market it.

-I realized that I prefer to be left alone when I’m sick, but at the same time, I kind of wished that I had had someone to check on me once in a while (drawback to living alone). Just to make sure I was alive. And bring me sprite and crackers. And maybe rub my back.

-I went to a wedding on Saturday (I will spare us all the mopey 35-year-old single woman at wedding scenario… haha) for which I had nothing to wear. So, after work on Friday (an 11 hour work day… don’t ask) I had to go shopping.

At this point you may be tempted to ask my why I left it so long. Don’t make me go into detail about being sick. Also, I’m not the best/most enthusiastic shopper in the world. And, possibly I procrastinate a bit.

So, 1 ½ hours later I found ONE skirt that might be a possibility and left the store, carefully avoiding snapping the neck of the woman in front of me who was having trouble deciding which white blouse to buy.

I got home and decided I didn’t like the skirt after all, so… I altered a skirt I already had. Starting at 10pm on a Friday (do I know how to party or what). After I was exhausted from working for 11 hours and then shopping.
I can’t believe it worked.
(I forgot to take a before picture.)

The skirt was straight sided with a drawstring waist. I love the skirt but never wore it, probably because it was at least 2 inches too wide on either side. (4 inches total, in case you're keeping track) The bottom has short slits on either side seam and it's a really pretty silk/linen blend with embroidery. I should have altered it years ago...

I took it in on an angle so it has a slight A-line shape, added darts and a zipper on the side. None of these alterations would stand up to the scrutiny of someone who knows what they are doing with a sewing machine, but, none of the seams burst open at the wedding, so I considered it a success
(I wore it with my green Soleil, which I had not yet worn. I love it!)

(numerous attempts at ironing this skirt proved fairly futile)

Of course, this experience does nothing for my dislike of shopping and serves to reinforce the idea that any clothing (except jeans. I don't want to take on jeans) that I need should be able to come from what I already have. Or from yarn. Or, possibly from remnant table cloth. (I have a fear of cutting into new "nice" cloth. I don't know why)

My goal for the week is to COMPLETE a knitting project THAT I ALREADY HAVE ON THE NEEDLES. (the all-caps are for my own benefit, in case you feel that I’m yelling at you, personally)

Hopefully I will have something completed to show you soon.


  1. That skirt turned out great! I want to be you when I grow up.

  2. I had gastroenteritis twice within a month a little while ago - I lost about 5 pounds without even trying ;-)

    I love the skirt.

  3. OK! I've had tonsilitis for four days and still weigh the same! And it was "lite" custard I survived on.
    There's nothing smarter than an a-line, knee-length skirt. The material looks lovely and would have been a shame to waste. Well done.
    Let's face it too. No-one is really white, more a motley, pale pink with touches of blue-vein. Trouble is the response wont fit in the box.
    Cheers Gillian

  4. The skirt looks great and I'm a sewer-at least I like to think I am. Good job.

  5. LOL about the "cleansing" diet...i have a friend that makes comments all the time about how he's going to get a company to market "sterile tapeworms" for weight loss. gross!!! but as obsessed as this country is with "quick fix" weight loss...i bet there would be dumb enough people to buy it!

    anyway...that comment made me think of that and i chuckled! hope you're feeling better!


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