Sunday, April 09, 2006

The Yarn Lady 2: Even More Yarn

I had planned to post this last weekend, but somehow never got to it. Hmm.

You may remember my post about The Yarn Lady, my aunt Pat's friend who used to own a yarn store. (BTW: The Yarn Lady has a name, Vivien, but I like thinking of her as "The Yarn Lady")(BTW2: The Yarn Lady is so much fun and literally has a basement full of yarn). My aunt Pat called me a while ago and said that Vivien would like us to visit again sometime, which I readily agreed to. (a: she's fun; b: she has so much yarn; c: she lets me sort through all the boxes of yarn)

I wore my cable front cardigan, and the reactions from both The Yarn Lady and my aunt Pat made my knitter's head puff up a bit, I must admit. It's nice when other people compliment you on your handknits, but when knitters compliment you... well, you know, right?

We visited for a while, Vivien... er... I mean, The Yarn Lady showed us some things she's working on, including a beautiful alpaca cardigan WIP/UFO that apparently has been languishing unfinished for some time now, which made me feel a bit better about all of my UFOs/WIPs and the length of time that they have been in that state. Then... the moment we were waiting for... the yarn. Boxes and boxes of yarn. Sigh.

I picked out a few nice things that I wanted to bring home with me, and when the time came for me to leave, Vivien insisted... (Wait. Are you sitting down?) She insisted that I take it home with me for FREE. Yes!!

So, my latest visit to see Vivien and my aunt Pat saw me coming home with the following:

Odd balls of some sort of felted tweed. There isn't much of any one color, but I'm thinking a bag or a pillow or hat... something small and colorful. Which may or may not be gifted. We'll see.

3 balls of Aarlan Coton-Silk. The color is actually a bit of a richer brown mix than the picture shows here. A quick Google search turned up nothing about this particular yarn, so, um... I'm not sure about it. I think/hope I have enough for a summer top of some sort. I played around with it a little (of course I did... would you expect anything else?) as soon as I got home with it last Saturday. It has no give whatsoever, so it will be interesting to work with it.

About 6 balls of black, 2 of dark brown, 2 of light brown. I'm not entirely sure of the particulars of this yarn, but the bag it was in said "Kid Silk" and it seems to be about a worsted weight. I plan to do something wintery with this but not until fall. I don't know yet what I'll do with it, and I don't know if I would use all of it together. We'll see.

Finally, this teeny little bit of Anny Blatt 100% Kid Mohair. I think there is enough for a lacy scarf, but I mostly brought it home because I LOVE the color. I searched for more of this yarn but this was all there was. Sigh.

I have progress on my vow to overcome the tank top issue (i.e. never finishing a tank top) and some knitting for nephews, but I think I'll go outside for a while, before it rains again. Or snows. It is Calgary, after all.

P.S.: Pat (I know you're reading: Hi!) Thank you so much for introducing me to The Yarn Lady and for the fun visit with both of you.


  1. Oh! Wow! I sort of know how you feel because the lady who lives across the road from my auntie used to be a professional knitter (for those who want to know how to get that job...she knitted the garments for the pictures on the pattern leaflets) and I got a cupboard full of stuff from her a few years ago but it was not the "quality" of yours.
    Oh! Wow!,Cheers Gillian

  2. As my daughter would say, you lucky dog!


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